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CheekyBits Cosmetics


Do you need high-quality cosmetics? Maybe you're searching for the perfect gift to give that special someone. Either way, Cheeky Bits has some of the best makeup in Australia. You can choose from our bestsellers to mix and match, or you can create a makeup set that is perfect for your unique complexion.

If you want to start at the bottom and get healthy skin to apply your new cosmetics to, we have skincare products that can help revitalise and enhance your skin's appearance. You'll get a soft and glowing look that's ready for your makeup. 

Our makeup set includes all of the tools you need to expertly apply your new products to your lips, eyes, brows, lashes and cheeks for a flawless finish. You'll be able to frame your face and enhance your best assets for a show-stopping look. Our cosmetics are perfect for everyday wear, or you can create a glam look for a night out or a special event! 

Create the Perfect Outfit with Cheeky Bits' Cosmetics 

Along with our makeup set, we have everything you need to pull together a chic and stunning outfit for all seasons. Our headpieces, combined with our clothing line, can help you step out and turn any street into a catwalk!

You can get jewellery, watches and sexy contacts to make a statement and effortlessly pull your outfit together. If you want beautiful undergarments to go with your outfit, our sexy and slinky lingerie is a perfect choice. Wear it for you or surprise your partner for a romantic evening in. Finally, end the day and pamper yourself with our handmade bath and body collection. 

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